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thauts's Journal

Autistic Thoughts
The random disability-related thoughts of an anonymous adult autistic in North America.

This journal was created to give me an outlet to say the things which I don't yet have the courage to say as myself, to help me find my 'voice' so that I can step forward and advocate for myself and others.
I will reply to questions or comments on other subjects, but for those reasons, I will openly ignore any inquiries which would increase your ability to identify me, and I'd deeply appreciate it if anyone who thinks they recognize me would keep their silence until I'm ready to claim these words as mine.

All entries on this journal are open to comments at any time, no matter how old they may be. Feel free to respond to anything here at any time. You're also welcome to link to or repost anything here at any time, though I'd prefer it if you'd leave a comment on the entry in question letting me know you're doing so.

Discussion will be tolerated and encouraged on this journal. Harassment and stonewalling won't. If you want to be listened to here, you have to be willing to listen in return or else you will be banned and your comments potentially frozen or deleted.